The Pentecostal Church, based in the city of Lahore in the country of Pakistan.

Pentecostal Church is now reaching the whole country with a vision of establishing churches all across Pakistan.

We want to cover this land with the Blessings of GOD and want to reach every nook and corner with JESUS NAME revelation.

Pentecostal Church is also operating academic schools, one of her school is operational in Lahore, gradually we have a vision to span this network to whole of Pakistan

Reason behind this academic project is to give affordable education to every Christian and every Pakistani.

This project also focuses on to develop Christian character among Christians children right from the start.

Pentecostal Church is also operating Pentecostal Bible Schools, her first

Bible School is operation in Lahore with the name of Pentecostal Bible School, offering 1 ½ year programme to her students.

Please keep Praying for THE PENTECOSTAL CHURCH – PAKISTAN, not with our might or strength but with the power of HOLY GHOST we can achieve our vision.

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